Yannick R Grelot


Engineer in Marketing
Entrepreneur as Intrapreneur/ Design thinker as Business doer
[Natural born disrupter]
Business Developer & Manager
Strategic & operational marketing expert (champion is the nowadays word but seriously! …)& the go to market expertise (not only the .ppt way to consider marketing!)
Quality of Services Expert
Web./Digital’s precursor:1999 first implementation of customer’s recognition from any kind of channel- cross channel (including web) & datamanagement to translate (big)data into relevant actions!

– Dual field of skills such as strategic analysis & marketing creativity to accompany a firm in its growth & change-evolution management project.
– Pilot of transverses projects :when merger fusions/ acquisitions/ transformations.
– Intercultural management including management of creative/corporate teams
– Management of creative, innovation & breakthrough processes
– Strategical project manager to improve both Customer Value Proposition & Firm Value
– Valuation of intangibles asset:brand, Customer Knowledge & Relationship, creative processes…

Result-driven culture.