Sara Green Brodersen

CEO & Founder, Deemly

Sara Green Brodersen holds a B.A. in International Business Communication from Aarhus University and a M.Sc. in E-business from the IT university in Copenhagen. It was during her research for her thesis, she discovered that users of share economy businesses struggled with building trust to each other – something very essential for any share economy business, according to Sara. If users can’t trust each other why would they buy, sell or rent?

She founded Deemly in 2016 and was nominated for “idealist of the Year” and “Female Entrepreneur of the Year” that same year. In 2017, she was nominated for IT’s “Innovator under 35 Europe”. Sara Green Brodersen is also the co-founder of Sharing Economy DK, which aims to create a better environment for the sharing economy.

The number one issue for many share economy businesses is trust – most people just don’t trust strangers and it is fundamental for users to trust each other when using services like Uber, Airbnb and GoMore. Users on Deemly voluntarily connect any social media accounts and sharing platform event and create their trust profile. This way users can easily view their overall trustworthiness and online reputation.

Trust is not only essential in businesses but in countries and societies. Countries that rate high on trust tend to have lower crime rates, however, many other factors in our world play a role in trust and faith in each other, our institutions and our organizations. The sharing economy is able to create communities where we feel safe, and in the long run this will affect our overall trust in each other on a global scale.

With Sara’s expertise in the share economy business and entrepreneurship, she is often invited to talk at international events.