Nikolaus Sühr

CEO & Founder, KASKO

I have always been fascinated with insurance as it is the big enabler for almost any personal and commercial enterprise. With a family background in insurance, I decided to study in the UK at Nottingham University and Cass Business School. Upon graduation in 2008, I moved back to Germany to work in product and business development for one of the leading German commercial insurance brokers. In 2011, I joined the family business, the market leader in DACH for classic car and premium car insurance. Due to the MGA status of the business or “virtual insurer”, I got a deep understanding of the entire value chain of insurance undertakings. However, I soon realised that my passion lies in shaping the digitalisation of insurance, and classic cars was not the right way to start. Therefore, I left in 2012 to join zeb, the leading financial services consultancy in Germany focussing on strategy, organisation and digitalisation. In the middle of 2015 I reached out to my current co-founder at Kasko to work on a couple of side-projects at night and during weekends to test us as a team. In 2015, we started our work on KASKO and have never looked back.