Nicolas Branas Michaelsen

Founder, AirHelp

Nicolas Michaelsen is the Co-Founder of AirHelp, a consumer rights automation company that helps travelers assert their legal rights when flights are delayed.
Having grown the company from 0-500 employees and $160M in revenue in less than 5 years, Nicolas has expanded the business beyond 28 countries and changed the way customer fulfillment is done in the travel and insurance industry. In the process he has been instrumental in creating an entirely new Industry, collectively called Justice-as-a-Service.

CNN says he is a game changer shaping the future, Entrepreneur magazine has named among the top 100 entrepreneurs of the world and Business Insider Named him among top 25  founders in New York.

He was chosen to attend the world’s leading startup Incubator, Y Combinator, which has hatched companies such as AirBnb and Dropbox among others.  He has raised money from the top VC’s in the world, such as Khosla Ventures, Naval Ravikant (Angellist founder) and  Ev Williams  (Twitter/Medium founder).

Aside from building companies Nicolas is also a frequently used keynote speaker, panelist and lecturer at schools and conferences such as Cornell, Web Summit, Collision, Venture Cup and the biggest tech meet up in the world, NYTM.