Matt Hodges-Long

Co-Founder & CEO, TrackMyRisks

Matt is the Co Founder of TrackMyRisks and an evangelist for Risk Management within businesses of all sizes, sectors and geographies.

Risk is an integral part of doing business and does not always need to be associated with negative outcomes. The most important thing for all business owners is to Identify, Monitor and Manage their risks effectively and this needn’t be difficult or expensive.

Over many years Matt has personally supported business owners through disasters such as 9/11, Buncefield, London Bombing, Hurricane Sandy, Boston Bombing, Holborn Fire and hundreds of other smaller incidents that didn’t make the news. This experience has given him unique insight into the world of Risk and the impact it can have on firms and individuals.

So rather than keeping this knowledge to himself he has built a team of amazing software developers to create an entirely new category of cloud based ‘risk management’ software to benefit businesses of all sizes. sectors and geographies.