Luis Alcedo

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), ForceManager

Luis Miguel Alcedo is an experienced sales leader and technology addict. His experience spans eight countries, and ten cities where he worked as a senior sales expert leading multicultural teams at Fortune 500 companies and technology start-ups. His experience in companies like Intel and Oracle helped to form his leadership style, which is both results oriented and creative. Luis has a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Carlos III in Madrid.

Luis believes that sales and technology go hand in hand, and that is why he joined ForceManager as┬áChief Commercial Officer (CCO) in 2018. He decided to leave Oracle after seven years because “technology makes our life simpler, and ForceManager exists to make sales simpler”. Today he lives in Barcelona with his family and he lived by the belief that the more you travel and read, the wider you expand your horizons and your understanding of others.