Jorge de la Peña Sordo

Senior Engineer Research Development, GISTEK Insurance Solutions

He obtained his doctorate in 2014 with the highest grade, mention Cum Laude and with international mention. He finished his Telecommunications Engineering studies at the University of Deusto in 2008. He studied the Master’s Degree in Information Security at the same university in 2011. For the final project and in collaboration with the Deusto Foundation, he implemented and developed the hardware and software of universal tele-maintenance equipment based on Web 2.0 technology. After completing the degree, he joined to Informática Euskadi, which undertook development work on the .Net platform for the BBK savings bank and different companies, both public and private. Subsequently, in 2010, he joined the security laboratory of the University of Deusto, S3Lab (Laboratory for Smartness, Semantics and Security), later DeustoTech Computing, as a full-time researcher. During this period he worked jointly on several projects in the field of computer security, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, IoT or biomedicine among others. In turn, he published different articles in impact journals and conferences worldwide. As the end of 2016, he worked for the Sycaton company within the Versia Group as a research and development analyst, focused on big data, machine learning, IoT and mainly Blockchain. Actually, he works in the R+D+I department of Gistek Insurance Solutions insurtech, in different fields like: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision and also Blockchain.