Insurance 3.0

The Agenda


InsurancΞ.0 is a gathering of innovators, insurtech entrepreneurs, insurance business leaders, development agencies and investors from across the world, sharing and building new ideas.

Full Event Agenda

Insurance 3.0

This session will identify the key challenges and opportunities the insurance market faces over the next 12 months.

X & Y

Showcasing the most forward thinking and compelling partnerships between insurance companies and InsurTech startups

InsurTech Does Take Me Out!

This session will put up some of the leading InsurTech players from across the world with some of the most active insurance innovation leaders. Do they want to take each other out?

*This session is sponsored by Oxbow Partners

Taste The Future

Two separate keynote sessions will be delivered by Jason Stockwood, Group CEO at Simply Business and Alain Cauwenberghs of Mastercard with Katrina Beckwith of Optal.

Protecting the World

Preceded by a key note from the founder of MicroEnsure, this session will look at how the intersection of technology and insurance is alleviating suffering among the most vulnerable people in the world

Technology In Claims

This session will demonstrate the power of technology in reducing fraud, costs and increasing customer satisfaction in claims.

Blockchain – Guilty Or Not Guilty?

This session will imagine a court room drama, setting the scene to hold the hype around blockchain technology to an informed jury (you).

How To Ride A Revolution

Hear from some of the most prominent business leaders from the automotive, marine and insurance industry.

The Sharing Economy

An insight into the burgeoning digital asset class and sharing economy. Could this be the most exciting opportunity for the Lloyd’s market that we have seen in a generation? Are we going to be able to trust businesses and people that exist (almost) entirely online?

Pitching Parlour

Capacity: 100 Attendees

Session Style

Dynamic 10 minute pitching slots from leading UK & international startups.


  • Leading Insurtech ‘start-up’ pitches from around the world
  • International Insurtech

The Vegas Room (Where Digital Dreams Come True)

Capacity: 100 Attendees

Session Style

One-to-one discussions with insurance Heads of Innovation, covering a range of pertinent themes.


  • Becoming an MGA
  • Horizon scanning – The Insurtech landscape
  • Delivering Innovation Projects in your Business
  • Attracting and Upskilling Talent

Start-Up Clinic

Capacity: 80 Attendees

Session Style

Speed Dating for Start-ups with innovation leaders, investors and entrepreneurs.


  • Partnership Structures
  • Budgets
  • Product Development
  • Customer Engagement

The Coding Academy

Capacity: 150 Attendees

Session Style

Workshops and Thought leadership.


  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Implementing RPA
  • Applying Blockchain To Your Business

The Breakfast Room

Capacity: 150 Attendees

Session Style

Stand up tables for networking and refreshments.


  • Informal networking and introductions

The Bike Shed

Capacity: 200 Attendees

Session Style

Networking space bookable through the app, full refreshments.


  • Meetings organised through the MM app, pre-event or on the day
  • End of day prize giving
  • After Party (4pm onwards)